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Wine Guide > Zucca Mountain Vineyards Link to this page
Zucca Mountain Vineyards
1582 visitors

The story begins at the door to the Zucca Mountain Vineyards tasting room and leads to adventures in every season. Join the Zucca family as they pictorially enjoy their wines on many exciting occasions with friends and extended family.
Vallecito, CA
Phone: (209) 736-2949
Website: http://www.zuccawines.com
Appellation: Calaveras County
more about Sangiovese Rosato
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2005 Sangiovese Rosato

Our Sangiovese Rosato comes from a long line of award winning rosés. This vintage scored 91 points in the California State Fair and was awarded Best of Class of the Sierra Foothil ... morels appellation. This wine contains the predominant grape found in the Chianti wine of Italy, but ours is light pink with crisp citrus and strawberry aromas and flavors. It is a dry, well-balanced wine that should be served slightly chilled. It is wonderful for sipping when you want a light, fruity patio or picnic wine. It also goes well with lighter dishes such as shell fish, chicken and turkey. This is a great holiday wine when you are trying to please a variety of different palates. It is definitely a people pleaser. For a surprise, also try it with spicy food.

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2005 Syrah Port

In 2005 ZMV created a new style of port that tastes more like a liqueur than a port. It has been a HUGE success ever since. It is rich, fruity and full-flavored with zing. Our port ... more is a dessert wine made for sipping after dinner or even poured over ice cream, either chocolate or vanilla. You could also try it with blue cheese. If you like a lot of fruit in your dessert wine you will love our port.

more about Barbera
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2004 Barbera

The 2004 Barbera is our reserve Barbera from 2 vineyards, known for their fine Barbera grapes. This wine won a Gold Medal (95 points) in the California State Fair Commercial Wine C ... moreompetition and a Best of Class of Region, a Gold Medal in the Calaveras County Fair and the Silver Medal in the SF Chronicle Wine Competition. It is full-bodied, fruity, smooth yet elegant with a marvelous structure and mouth feel. You will love the subtle complexity, the interesting finish and moderate acidity. The wine contains aromas and flavors of cherry, blackberry and a hint of spice. Drink the wine now or lay it down to smooth out the tannins even more. We recommend this wine with any meal where the food flavors do not overpower the wine such as veal or pork.

more about Chardonnay
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2005 Chardonnay

Our Chardonnay comes from a cool vineyard in Calaveras County where the site is well know for the production of this grape. The vines are 20 years old and produce a spicy and flavo ... morerful wine. It has lively, tangy acidity with flavors of apple and a touch of melon. The flavors and crispness of the Chardonnay come from cold fermentation and aging in stainless steel. It is a dry, well-balanced wine that should be served slightly chilled. This wine pairs well with most fish dishes, salads and chicken.

more about Merlot
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2003 Merlot

The ZMV Merlot is dry and fruity. It contains hints of berry, cherry, spice and earth. We have blended 4 additional varietals into this wine to give it a very special taste. This i ... mores a big wine with old world flavors and a good balance of body and tannins that goes well with steak and your heavier meals. Although we enjoy this wine now, you may lay it down for many years and it will continue to improve.

more about Reserve Syrah
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2003 Reserve Syrah

2006 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Gold Medal Winner
The 2003 Syrah is from Tanner Vineyards, known for their fine grapes. The wine is full-bodied, fruity, smooth a ... morend was so good this year that we did not blend it with any other variety. It has a marvelous structure and mouth feel by itself. You will find up-front fruit, a nice middle and a smooth, interesting finish. The wine contains aromas and flavors of cherry and berry with a hint of spice, and vanilla. Drink the wine now or lay it down to smooth out the tannins even more. We recommend this wine with any heavy meal such as good barbequed steak.

more about Zinfandel
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2004 Zinfandel

ZMV produced a lovely Zinfandel from Cooper Ranches in Amador County this year. This vineyard is over 25 years old and head-trained to produce superb grapes. It is a very popular w ... moreine in our tasting room. Our Zin won a silver medal in the Calaveras County Fair Wine Competition and is full-bodied, fruity, and with the hint of pepper characteristic of Zinfandel. You will like the good mouth feel and strong, interesting finish. The aroma and flavors contain cherry, berry, black pepper and spice. It is a very versatile wine and can be served with marinated leg of lamb, barbequed beef, spaghetti, or pizza.


Updated on August 6, 2007

CrazyAboutWine recommends contacting Zucca Mountain Vineyards at http://www.zuccawines.com or calling (209) 736-2949 to verify the winery's location.

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