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Chateau Potelle
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Marketta Fourmeaux is the Chateau Potelle winemaker. By being hands-on in every aspect of the wine from growing to bottling, Marketta has built her winemaking reputation on consistency, style and elegance. The combination of her skills and the Estate hillside vineyards have created extremely distinctive and dramatic wines that have brought Chateau Potelle to the top of the wine world. Because of Marketta's sense of perfection, Chateau Potelle has earned its place as a top ranked producer of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
Napa, CA
Phone: (707)255-9440
Website: http://www.chateaupotelle.com
Appellation: Mt. Veeder
Tasting Room: Open Thursday - Monday from 11am-5pm
Map to Chateau Potelle
more about Chardonnay VGS
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2005 Chardonnay VGS
Mount Veeder

2005 vintage is very consistent from our previous vintages with one slight difference: it has a stronger acidity backbone, which is going to ensure very long aging for this wine. ... more

Entirely fermented with its own natural yeasts, the wine is unfined and unfiltered. That painstaking winemaking method protects the terroir and its delicate nuances making Chateau Potelle Chardonnay VGS unique and different and a favorite for many restauraneurs and wine lovers.

Cabernet Sauvignon
CAW Rating: 94
1 reviews

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon VGS
Mt. Veeder

2004 VGS Cabernet is rounder than 2003. It fills your mouth with friendly, complex rich flavors which begin with red berries and evolve towards chocolate, liquorices and spices. < ... morebr>
I left the wine to aerate in my glass and tasted it periodically. Each time it opened up new dimensions. I like this wine. It is really good now but definitely worth cellaring as well.

Often I get the question about what is the difference of our mountain Cabernet compared to valley floor grown grapes.

On our rocky mountain vineyards, the vines work very hard. The vines yield small berries and much less grapes per acre. Combined with our natural farming and winemaking they produce intense, refined yet forceful wine.

I would say that our mountain Cabernet has a more focused and dense structure, more depth than a typical valley floor wine. It takes longer for this kind of wine to open up. It is well worth the extra months' wait.

Enjoy this wine now or years from now.

Marketta Fourmeaux

more about Cabernet Sauvignon VGS
Cabernet Sauvignon
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2002 Cabernet Sauvignon VGS
Mt. Veeder

Our 2001 sold faster than any other vintage and the 2002 VGS is a very strong successor. It will charm you by its concentration, weight and balance.

The wine displays t ... morehe great mountain intensity you are used to appreciate in our Cabernet. A rich nose full of mature red berries, earthy overtones and coffee nuances blends with vanilla making the bouquet an extraordinary experience. The texture is extremely pleasant and smooth contributing to a wine that is intense and full bodied, but also round and ample with many layers showing the wine’s multiple dimensions. The finish is dominated by fruits and spices and the French oak adds both flavors and complexity.

This vintage is enjoyable now and will continue to develop very nicely over the next 5 years.

Cabernet Sauvignon
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2003 Cabernet Sauvignon VGS
Mt. Veeder

2003 is truly a child of California: fully ripe with a rich bouquet of red berries at first. Spices and vanilla and coffee and liquorices coming right after to create a complex and ... more intriguing and elegantly balanced nose that makes one coming back to it several times.

more about Zinfandel VGS
CAW Rating: 90
1 reviews

2004 Zinfandel VGS
Mt. Veeder

This 2004 Zinfandel VGS simply has all the elements together. Already as a young wine it is dense, filling your mouth with fruity, spicy, interesting arrays of flavors, and has the ... more refined taste that our Zin has become famous for.

It is seductively aromatic with ripe raspberry, sweet spices and notes of pepper. It has a lingering finish that melts seamlessly into fine layers of toasted oak supported by a soft tannin structure.

Truly, one of our best vintages of Zinfandel VGS. Enjoy!

Sauvignon Blanc
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2006 Sauvignon Blanc
Napa Valley

The uniqueness of this wine is in the process: it is made with free run juice exclusively. There is no pressed juice. When you press Sauvignon Blanc grapes, the herbal character of ... more the skins becomes preeminent. The free run is the juice coming out of the grapes without pressing. This juice makes a wine that is light on the attack but becomes expansive and rich in the mouth. Our Sauvignon Blanc starts with grapefruit nuances and develops into melony and peach. The Semillon (10%) brings a note of roundness and riper flavors like fig. The barrel fermentation (40%) adds richness, depth and complexity.

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2006 Riviera Rosé
Paso Robles

50% Grenache
25% Syrah
25% Mouvedre

A delicious, dry, versatile, Southern-French style rosé wine made by saigneé of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre. Close your ... moreeyes and imagine yourself on the French Riviera.

Riviera is a dry Rosé wine made by saigneé of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre. We named after the French Riviera. On the coast of Southern France it is too warm in July and August to drink red wine. So the French drink Rosés. Chilled, very aromatic and dry, the Rosés are lighter than red wines but still offer a significant weight in the mouth. Marketta first began to make a Rosé for her and Jean-Noel's own Summer consumption, when entertaining guests and friends at their house or at the winery.

more about Zinie de Potelle
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2004 Zinie de Potelle
Napa Valley

Sweet cherry and wild berry fruit with chocolate undertones. This wine has wonderful, deep aromas and is very smooth and elegant in the mouth. Underlying hints of nutmeg and cinnam ... moreon. The dry-farmed, old vines give us the base. Our natural winemaking and gentle handling allow us to extract the flavors while keeping the complexity and harmony. Sweet but not overly so, this wine is superb with chocolate dessert or fruit salad. Enjoy!

more about Cougar Pass
Other Red
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2003 Cougar Pass
Paso Robles

A completely unique Estate blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot.

Blending in winemaking is like a great chef cooking. You sense the flavors and ... more find harmony between them.

Cougar Pass started this way.

It turned out that the blend was more than the elements individually.

Now you understand how Cougar Pass got its delightful fruit, friendly mouth-feel, and the complexity of flavors that it carries.

The wine is totally un-fined and unfiltered which means that it has conserved all the qualities that the nature and the winemaking gave it.

Concentrated and rich with finely textured, soft and supple tannins, Cougar Pass is a red wine lover’s experience not to miss!

Updated on June 24, 2008

CrazyAboutWine recommends contacting Chateau Potelle at http://www.chateaupotelle.com or calling (707)255-9440 to verify the winery's location.

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Top Rated Wine

2003 Merlot
CAW Rating: 100
1 reviews
Soft and smooth is the best way to describe this young but very delightful Merlot. The grapes came from a premium vineyard in Mendocino where the climate is perfect for producing ultra-premium Merlot.

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