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Big White House

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In 1998, Cedar Mountain agreed to incubate us within their facility. With their help we produced wines that won medals and developed a strong following. As our production grew, we sought to move our operation. Licensing difficulties put the operation in a three year limbo. After a year at Tesla Vintners, we now have our own location at 6800 Greenville Rd.

Big White House welcomes John Marion III, known in winemaking circles as "John the Younger" or as J3, as the new co-winemaker and part owner.
Livermore, CA
Phone: (925) 449-1976
Website: http://www.bigwhitehouse.com
Appellation: Livermore Valley
Tasting Room: Open Sat.-Sun. Noon-4:30 p.m.
Map to Big White House
more about Grand Cuvee Sparkling Wine
Sparkling Wine
CAW Rating: 96
1 reviews

Grand Cuvee Sparkling Wine

This delightfully dry sparkling wine was bottled specifically for our Big White Sparkling Cellars Label. We like the tiny bubbles, creamy mouth-feel and crisp dry finish. Equivalen ... moret in dryness to a French Brut this is a terrific sparkler for celebrating any occasion.

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2005 Roussanne Reserve
Amarosa Vineyard, Lodi

We love this exotic white wine that forms the basis for most Northern Rhone wines of France. Why? The structure. In the nose our Amorosa Roussanne is inscrutable. Is that Honeysuck ... morele? Orange rind? But wait until it gets in your mouth. The structure is incredible. The bold early impressions, the big, creamy mid-palate, the juicy finish combine for a wild ride. Unusually, Roussanne's structure makes for an ageable white wine, We've tasted examples that are over 15 years old and they develop a deep honey character, a remarkable golden hue and a giant mid-palate weight. Try keeping a few bottles in your cellar for a decade or so. Serve at cellar temperature.

more about Lapsus, Rhone-style Blend
Rhone Blend
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2005 Lapsus, Rhone-style Blend

Our 2005 Lapsus marries our Amarrosa Roussanne with our Quinlin Viognier. This year features a little more oak time on the Roussanne which doesn't come accross as oak so much in th ... moree Lapsus, but vanilla. In the Condrieu appellation of France, Viognier is the only allowed white wine varietal. A few miles down the Rhône on the opposite bank is Hermitage where Roussanne and Marsanne are the only allowed whites. Legend has it that when the Chevalier Gaspard de Stérimberg returned wounded from the Albigeois crusades in 1224, he cloistered himself within the tiny hamlet on the hill that now bears his description, Hermitage, and refused to speak for the remainder of his pious life. Surrounded as he was with spectacular vineyards he did some winemaking, and discovered the virtues of a unique blend of his local Roussanne with up river Viognier. Appearing to us in a dream, the garrulous Saint, though taciturn in life, revealed his secret in a Lapsus Lengua, slip of the tongue, and the blend, as well as the name of this wine was born. Raise a glass of Lapsus to the good St. Stérimberg.

more about Viognier
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2005 Viognier
Quinlin Vineyard

The classical Viognier nose is overwhelming in our 2005 Quinlin Viognier. Let's name the fruit characters in the nose: Peach, Pear, Passion fruit. The longer we smell the more exot ... moreic fruit and floral elements reveal themselves: Grapefruit, Guava, Gardenia... Enough! In the mouth the Quinlin has a summery character and crisply refreshing finish.

more about Mourvedre
CAW Rating: 97
1 reviews

2005 Mourvedre
Davis Vineyard, Lodi

We think we've discovered the trick for making really yummy Mourvedre. Mourvedre always has been a spicy grape, but sometimes we wanted more than just cardamom, cumin and allspice. ... more All of these are present in full force in our 05 Mo, and we're pleased as pie to have them. However, there's also more than just spice. This Mo has blackberry jam, brown sugar and lilac in the nose followed by rich, jammy fruit in the mouth. This combination of fruit and spice makes it a great wine to pair with Indian or Thai food. What is the trick? Come in and ask the winemakers! Otherwise, you'll just have to enjoy the results.

more about Carignane
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1999 Carignane
Phillips Vineyard, Brentwood

This old vine Carignane vineyard from near the Mokelumne River is farmed to a tiny yield that allows the normally large diameter Carignane grape to develop beautiful varietal chara ... morecter. We pushed to extract all we could and were richly rewarded by this structured, aromatic Rhone styled wine. The perfumed nose reveals red delicious apples, rhubarb and pepper. The mouth is full and rich, with up-front tannin that resolves to chocolate, red apples and black pepper. Some may remember when we released the '99 Carignane the first time in 2001. Now with an additional five years on oak, the fruit is still there but is accompanied by vanilla, chocolate and hazelnuts from the long oak exposure.

more about Liquid Amber Late Harvest Chardonnay
Dessert Wine
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Liquid Amber Late Harvest Chardonnay

Our Liquid Amber Late Harvest Chardonnay was picked on December 6th. Its intense charachter deveoped during its unusually long time on the vine. With one third of the berries havin ... moreg significant botrytis, the noble rot, our Liquid Amber has the seductive honeysuckle characteristics of some of the prestigious, old-world botrytised dessert wines. This delectible dessert wine will pair beautifully with pear tarts, peach cobbler, or apricot crisps.

more about Syrah
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2000 Syrah
Kurtzer Vineyard, Livermore

Our Kurtzer Syrah was harvested late in the 2000 season and had a huge tannic mouth feel when it was young. How do we tame this delightful wine without robbing the fruit? Due to ou ... morer unique circumstances, we were able to age this for over four years in new French oak barrels. Compared to bottle aging, barrel aging gives a much more rapid rounding and softening of the tannins. As a four year old, our Kurtzer retains its regal nose which is well supported by mature French Oak. The oak influence actually peaked in year three and is now calmed down to playing a supporting role to the rightful star - jammy berry fruit. One of the things we like best about making single varietal, single vineyard releases is that after a time we recognize specific characteristics of each vineyard. The smoky bacon element, typical of this vineyard from our earlier vintages is evident, but as a reserved element. We think this wine is remarkable, four years in barrel has given a wine of beautiful round character that typically only comes from a big wine that has aged for 15-20 years in the bottle. Unfiltered and unfined, the Kurtzer may still throw sediment.


Updated on October 24, 2007

CrazyAboutWine recommends contacting Big White House at http://www.bigwhitehouse.com or calling (925) 449-1976 to verify the winery's location.

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