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Turnbull Wine Cellars
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The Turnbull name goes back to the early 1300’s when a court member of Robert the Bruce saved the king’s life by turning a ferocious bull, which had threatened to gore the king. The grateful king dubbed his subject “Turnbull” and awarded him a crest featuring a bull’s head twisted back with the motto: Audaci Favet Fortuna, or “Fortune Favors the Bold”.
Oakville, CA
Phone: (800) 887-6285
Website: http://www.turnbullwines.com
Appellation: Oakville
Map to Turnbull Wine Cellars

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more about Viognier
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2006 Viognier
Napa Valley

As the emergence of spring brings a fresh perspective on the world in which we live, so a first sniff of this spirited Rhone varietal invigorates the senses. A dreamy, creamy frui ... moret cocktail with a halo of citrus blossom, it is truly the ultimate tropical alternative to Chardonnay. In the mouth, the experience is equally as lovely and appealing, the peach and citrus flavors creating the sensation of perfume on the palate. You will want not to swallow the wine too quickly, choosing instead to experience the warm, gentle texture of the wine at length. It’s a wonderful thing to have a very special three acres of Viognier in Oakville, and a pleasure to please your senses with this full-flavored and versatile wine!

more about Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
CAW Rating: 64
1 reviews

2006 Sauvignon Blanc
Napa Valley

When lively Sauvignon Musque meets fruit-forward Viognier the result is wine with a sunny disposition that both refreshes and satisfies. Add in a bit of Semillon and the creamines ... mores derived from sur-lies aging in both tank and barrel and the result is a wine that delivers up a sunny core of citrus and tropical fruits, while pleasing the palate with mouthwatering texture. The fruit for this wine comes from our estate vineyards in Oakville, carefully nurtured by our hard-working staff with an eye toward harvesting fully ripened clusters bursting with flavor. Should you get hooked on this wine – not to worry – we’re gonna be do’in this one for awhile!

more about Old Bull Red
Other Red
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2005 Old Bull Red
Oakville, Napa Valley

Released just in the time for those summer barbeques. This wine has a berry fruity aroma with vanilla and oak nuances. It is really straight forward and easy to drink. Nice and fr ... moreuity, slightly tannic on entry but ends with a nice chewy, not drying finish. If you consider this Old Bull is “young” for its age (not quite “nouveau”), you’ll be impressed by its drinkability. Who says you can’t teach an Old Bull new tricks??

more about Black Label
Other Red
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2004 Black Label
Oakville, Napa Valley

Soaring aromas of sweet black cherries, soft, fully ripened plums and dark chocolate...big from the outset, coating and embracing the palate...chewy tannins.

more about Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon
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2004 Cabernet Sauvignon
Oakville, Napa Valley

You have allowed a crimson stream of this wine to flow between your lips and onto your palate. Roll the wine about with your tongue – sense the broad, coating feel of color the ... morewine possesses, the sensation of texture that the soil has imparted. Inhale, your nose deep within the glass – measure dark, roasty aromas, then pull back a bit where lighter, loftier blackberry and cassis make their presence known. Allow your investigation to be heard as you draw in a bit of air, thereby breathing life into all aspects of the wine and its continuing development in the glass. Don’t rush to swallow, but rather close your eyes and just be…


Updated on October 12, 2007

CrazyAboutWine recommends contacting Turnbull Wine Cellars at http://www.turnbullwines.com or calling (800) 887-6285 to verify the winery's location.

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2006 Pinot Noir
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CAW Rating: 100
1 reviews
The name Wild Horse is nearly synonymous with incredible Pinot Noirs. Offering up vibrant aromas and flavors of cherry, pomegranate, cola, and Oriental spices, our Pinot Noirs are consistently praised for their complexity and good value. They are, without a doubt, the most food-friendly red wines we ...

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