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Karly Winery

2075 visitors

Karly Wines, located in Amador County’s Shenandoah Valley, was started from scratch by Lawrence L. (Buck) Cobb and wife Karly in 1980. The business has grown from a few hundred cases made in crude quarters to a modern facility turning out nine thousand cases annually. Growth has been very controlled over the years as Buck and Karly have never compromised quality for volume. The winery has long been known for Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc, but a new line of Rhone varietals has passed the experiment stage and is gaining a large following.
Plymouth, CA
Phone: (209) 245-3922
Website: http://www.karlywines.com
Appellation: California Shenandoah Valley
Tasting Room: We are open daily 12 noon to 4 pm except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day.
Map to Karly Winery
more about Sadie Upton Zinfandel
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2005 Sadie Upton Zinfandel

If you have been with Karly winery for any time, you don’t need to be introduced to this wine made from grapes planted by Sadie in 1922. A lot of people are going to call this th ... moree greatest Sadie ever, and I would agree with them if power and spice is the criterion. I don’t remember another vintage over twenty-seven years that was so muscled. I usually savor the wine for its finesse and flinty berry-cherry quality. This vintage overpowers the flint with spice and cherry cola. Where did that come from? As is often the case with Sadie’s grapes, the power comes as an unexpected surprise as we do not strive for excessive ripeness attempting instead to emphasize the elegance and balance of the vineyard. Too bad, this year the grapes had something different in mind We never overrule decisions made by the grapes, so here you are folks, Sadie on Balco.

more about Pokerville Zinfandel
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2005 Pokerville Zinfandel
Amador County

more about Buck
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2005 Buck's Ten Point Zinfandel
Amador County

This has become one of our most popular wines. Not only because it tastes good, but also because it is made largely from our own grapes which are simply farmed and therefore the wi ... morene can be priced moderately. We aim for a fruity easy drinking style and we certainly achieved that with the 2004 vintage. This 2005 rendition has quite a bit more backbone which seems a characteristic of the wines from the year. Therefore this Ten Point will benefit from age if you are so inclined. In the meantime enjoy the zippy young fruit and aggressive freshness. It is so forward it is better with food than consumed alone, being surprisingly compatable with cuisine “picante” For example, we enjoyed the wine watching football and nibbling Doritos Spicy Nachos, a healthier anti-oxidant low-carb beer substitution on defense (should also work well with baseball come April. We will investigate and report).

more about Warrior Fires Zinfandel
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2004 Warrior Fires Zinfandel
Amador County

1345 cases produced.

more about Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
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2006 Sauvignon Blanc
Amador County

883 cases bottled.

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2005 Orange Muscat
Amador County

There is a very small, but growing following for Orange Muscat. There are restaurateurs who are discovering the dynamics of Orange Muscat with Creme Brulee, Peche Melba, Flan or ev ... moreen vanilla ice cream. Have no fear, good consumer; you are years ahead of the pack. We have Orange Muscat for most of the year. The wine is dessert unto itself. The bouquet is absolutely spectacular with orange blossoms. The flavors are golden raisins, peaches and oranges. While there is enough tartness to stand up to fruit driven desserts, the lack of water produces a thick, viscous wine.

This wine has 17% residual sugar!

more about Marsanne
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2006 Marsanne
Amador County

196 cases produced.

more about El Alacran
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2005 El Alacran

263 cases bottled.

more about Syrah
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2005 Syrah

Syrah was AWOL from our lineup from the 2000 through 2003 vintages. For ten years we had a lot of success with the variety. Then came three years of trouble with the wines, which w ... moree finally traced back to the vineyard. Luckily, we liked the variety so much, we planted a new vineyard in 2000 using an unusual trellis which we thought Syrah would like. In 2004, we pulled out the problem vineyard and made the first wine from the new vineyard. Many of you are drinking this wine, and it is remarkable. First because it is just plain good, but also because it is just amazing such a good wine could be made from four year old grapes, and on the first attempt. We were worried the bar had been set so high. Now we feel really good because the 2005 has picked up right where the 2004 left off. If you have a bottle of each for comparison, you will find that the 2004 is a bit more refined due to a year in the bottle, but the 2005 is basically the same wine with a little more flavor intensity. This should continue as the vines mature. You just can’t beat a good Syrah at the table. We deliberately make the wine a bit subdued. We don’t want to lose any of the meaty-currant varietal flavor and balance

Petite Sirah
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2001 Petite Sirah
Amador County

This vintage was nothing short of a swan song. The winter was drier than usual, and most vines ran out of water before what we in Amador County call ripeness. Yet, our Petite Sirah ... more went nuts; it got way ripe. Dad had never let the Petite Sirah get that ripe before, and since he knew it was the last crop, we let it go. What the heck! We fermented in our half ton bins, hand punched four times per day, and pressed after seven days. We hand filled three barrels straight from the press and rolled them full into the barrel room. We racked twice, once on the early side to get the truly heavy lies out early. After a year in the barrel, we bottled. The Last Sirah yielded an impressive 97.25 cases.


Updated on October 3, 2007

CrazyAboutWine recommends contacting Karly Winery at http://www.karlywines.com or calling (209) 245-3922 to verify the winery's location.

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