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Fetzer Vineyard

2025 visitors

Hopland, CA
Phone: 949-764-9362
Website: http://www.fetzer.com
Appellation: Mendocino

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more about GewĂĽrztraminer
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2005 GewĂĽrztraminer

Gewürztraminer comes in several styles, and all are increasingly popular. Our Valley Oaks style is made with a traditional taste profile, just a bit sweet but oh so perfect at hol ... moreiday or any time you need a wine to complement a meal. Crisp acidity is a hallmark of this wine. Grapes are sourced from cool-climate regions of California (hot weather just won’t do for this varietal) and we treat the grapes to a slow, cold fermentation averaging 50° in nothing but stainless steel tanks. The absence of oak is purposeful.
more about Valley Oaks California Riesling
CAW Rating: 95
1 reviews

2005 Valley Oaks California Riesling

We’re proud to share that our 2004 Valley Oaks Riesling was the most awarded Riesling in US Wine Competitions last year, winning a pair of Double Gold Medals along with three Go ... morelds and six Silvers. This 2005 vintage: even better, so we’re clearing space in our trophy case. Cooler regions of Monterey County provide grapes that form the basis of this blend, and we add touches of aromatic varietals to craft a richly floral, richly fruity wine I know you’ll enjoy. A slow, cool fermentation in stainless keeps the fruit as the center of attention.
more about Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio
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2005 Pinot Grigio

Adhering to varietal correctness is a byword for many winemakers. We strive for it as well, but we’re not above making improvements. The Italian Pinot Grigio craze has spawned ... morea California following, said Wine Discoveries, and the front of the Pinot Grigio parade starts right here. Our PG is perhaps richer, perhaps fruitier than some styles, but you’ll recognize the high acidity and balanced crispness that make this wine a wonderful summer sipper. But don’t wait for hot weather: drink what you like, when you like to drink it. A slow, cool fermentation in stainless makes it all possible.

Updated on July 30, 2007

CrazyAboutWine recommends contacting Fetzer Vineyard at http://www.fetzer.com or calling 949-764-9362 to verify the winery's location.

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2005 NICHOLLS Pinot Noir, Santa Maria Valley
Bien Nacido Vineyards
CAW Rating: 100
1 reviews
GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, $35 & Over Category. Extremely Limited Release. This will not last long. Other well-known wines using the same fruit scored Silver and Bronze and retail for $50 or more.

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