Reviewing Guideline

First Impression (bottle, etc.):
What came to mind when you first looked at the bottle of wine?  Is the bottle/label attractive? Do you like the winery’s tasting room and their staff?  Does the winery have a unique marketing campaign/message that appeals to you?

Look & general color of wine: Besides the red or white colors what other colors do you see? Is the wine clear, cloudy, transparent, or opaque? Is there sediment in your wine? Do you see anything floating in it such as pieces of cork?

The aroma of the wine: To get a good impression of the wine’s aroma, swirl it around in the glass and take a quick whiff.  Then stick your nose down into the glass and inhale deeply through your nose.  Do you smell berries, oak, smoke, nuts, vanilla, flowers, or citrus?  Continue swirling the wine in the glass to release these aromas. The smell gives an excellent indication of the wines quality and many characteristics. Finally, take a third and fourth whiff; has you impression changed?

The flavor & finish of the wine: What is your first impression when you take that first sip?  Slosh the wine around and suck in some air and really concentrate on what you are tasting.  Does it taste smooth or harsh? After swallowing how did you like the aftertaste and how long did the flavor remain in your mouth?

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